First of Its Kind: Luxury Hotel Completely Made of Ice in Sweden 
Apr 16, 2022

Constructed in the freezing town of Jukkasjärvi is the world’s first hotel made of ice.

Introducing sub-zero luxury: ICEHOTEL Sweden is 17km North of Kiruna. The hotel is rebuilt each year between December and April with ice and snow sourced from the nearby Torne River. 

Besides rooms, there is a bar, a wedding chapel that is highly sought after as a wedding venue, as well as a church and a reception area, all ice. Every single item of furniture and art, including beds, chairs, tables and sculptures, are all sculpted from ice. Rooms are not heated (for obvious reasons), meaning they remain at around −5 ° celsius during your stay. There are approximately 100 rooms in total, including studios and suites, and no two rooms are the same, all uniquely designed for artists. Additionally, there are outdoor saunas and hot tubs. 

Guests are also able to view the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) during the winter months. Each year, the hotel is completely reconstructed. A panel selects around 50 artists and architects who submit their ideas for new designs to come forth and redesign the ICEHOTEL.

Base rate rooms start at roughly AUD$750 per night.

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