The DBS Finale: Say Hello To The Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate
Jan 25, 2023

What goes up must come down, and the long line of popular Aston Martin DBS models is being put to bed, but not with one last bang. Introducing the all new, proudly powerful Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate. A special farewell from the DBS production line, Aston Martin have already stated that the 770 Ultimate is strictly limited to 499 examples, and to no one’s surprise, all have been sold already. 

It doesn’t take an expert to explain the idea behind the name. You guessed it, generated from the roaring 5.2L Twin-Turbo V12 engine is 770 raw horsepower, capable of producing a top speed of 340 km/h (211 mph). Surprisingly, its 0-100 time remains at 3.4 seconds, which is the same as its predecessor in the DBS line. The power in all its glory is sent to the rear wheels through Aston’s class-leading 8 speed automatic gearbox.

At a glance, the wheels are 21-inch and are available in three different finishes. The instantly recognisable body has carbon fibre specs in the mirror caps, windshield body, fender louvres and cantrail. Most noticeably the large hood features a new ‘horseshoe’ engine vent for increased exhaust. Matrix LED headlights and the iconic oversized Aston Martin front grill continues to provide a sporty, aerodynamic appearance that turns heads. 

The leather-heavy interior, again dotted with carbon fibre in countless locations, features  power adjustable carbon fibre racing seats with inbuilt heating and cooling, a B&W 10-inch audio system, a reimagined centre console design and all 499 example are stitched with a unique badge identifying their place in the limited production line. Out of the 499 models, 399 are coupes and 199 are Volantes.


Aston Martin have not released pricing information however it is reported to be well above the £240k DBS predecessor price tag, and, it is unknown whether any of the 499 vehicles were sold in Australia.



All images belong to Aston Martin